hot asphalt, free coffee and trash compactors

by Rebecca Berlin

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****All money made from you purchasing this music is going towards bailing my friends out of jail! A group of friends are a part of a traveling free food kitchen and were arrested in Texas for bogus charges and have been in jail since New Years. Free all comrades.

It's all pretty simple, I think. Learning, loving, traveling. Confusion, being lost, hungry, tired. But happy enough to keep moving. Free enough to feel happy and to love having nothing.

You learn so much about yourself. After all the learning and growing comes the what? What can I do now to make change for the world?

A lot of people really seem to love the song about sleeping at Walmart...if you like it then learn it and play it everywhere!


released September 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Rebecca Berlin New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: Something Better Tomorrow
C G Am F
we're nomadic children of a digital age
while you twiddle your thumbs we're having fun
yes i swear you dont have to be so afraid
we're all just chasing a dream you dont have to look at me that way.

too many bums on the corner and i cant find nowhere to sleep
and all the gas stations are tired of the free coffee
i dont wanna bleed you dry but we're all just trying to make it through the night
just give us a smile so i know you're alright, you're alright!

Am F C G
and i'm baking like a blister on the interstate
and my lovers always just a couple thousand miles away
and i dont know if he's had anything to eat today
i'm trying to live just for today but theres something better tomorrow every day!
the red woods swallowed us whole and the oxygen content made us high all the paranoid pot farmers are tweekin out and getting wasted
all you have to do is pay me and ill be out of here
i know what you're thinking and i dont want a god damn career!


everything you need right now is right here where you are
all the people you love are out there though they're pretty far
everyone keeps saying that i dont have to be lookin for nothin
its all right here but i dont believe it yet
its all right here but i dont believe it yet

Track Name: Walmart Parking Lot
I'll sleep in the bushes
Am F
By the Walmart parking lot
Or beside the train tracks
So loud it stops my heart

I don't really care
Am F
I'll go with you anywhere
As long as we're free
Although sometimes its hard to be
Its hard to be, its hard to be.

My minds in the next place
That we pick upon the map
But the adventures right here

I missed my dads birthday
We missed meeting our friends by one day
Moved on to the next place
They still love us
Its okay, its okay, its okay x2